Selling Your House Mistakes To Avoid

Selling Your House Mistakes To Avoid

Selling Your House 👉 8 mistakes to avoid when selling your home
⚠️Attention home owner in 📍 SE Florida

Are you thinking of selling your home this year? Are you aware that despite of the current real estate market, favoring the sellers, there are so many expired listings? Many homes did not sell, due to big mistakes, yet easily avoidable. Here are 8 of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid. 👉 Watch full video here 👇

What we will cover in this video:

Selling Your House Mistakes to avoid, mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Selling Your House 8 mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Selling Your House What Not To Do

Selling a Home How to Avoid Big mistakes

👉 Selling your house on your own
Having a real estate agent is key to a successful – and less stressful – home selling process. In 2019, FSBO homes sold at a median of $200,000, compared to a median sale price of $280,000 for properties sold with an agent. If you’re looking to sell your home for its full market value, the assistance of strong and knowledgeable real estate agent will more likely to get you there.

👉 Overpricing your home
Pricing your home correctly is the most important element to ensure successful and timely sale of your home.

👉 Reluctant to make even the smallest improvements
Unless you’re planning to sell your house “as-is”, at a significantly lower sale price, your house is likely to sit much longer on the market.

👉 Refusing to de-personalize and de-clutter
Presenting each room and space in its best light means you’ll need to declutter in more ways than one.

👉 Limited access and showings of your home
When your house is on the market, showing the house by providing access should be your priority.

👉 Not willing to negotiate
Everyone wants a deal- human nature, the only way to come to a successful deal is to understand that the buyer also needs to feel that is getting a good deal.

👉 Letting your emotions control you when selling
Don’t let emotions in the way, view selling your house as a business deal.

Waiting for the “Right time” to sell.
As we often say, everything in real estate is a matter of timing. So, when is the right time to sell? To find out, watch the video👆

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